One night in the late 1970s Ralph Renna woke up on his grandmothers couch in the middle of the night in Troy NY.   As his eyes came to focus from a blur  his ears were pierced with a loud blaring TV in the background. The band was named Led Zeppelin playing loud and fast. That was his first run in, with rock-n-roll. Years prior to that evening he would run to a quieter place every time his uncle would fire up the Les Paul.  Now this young man found freedom and saw the passion in music at an early age.


He started guitar lessons but never stuck with it but still strummed it time to time. Sometimes banging on anything worked too. Hitting coffee cans with knitting needles or pounding on saw blades while listening to his favorite records kept him amused for days.  But what intrigued Renna more at the time was radio!  He would listen for hours to that mysterious man or woman behind the microphone, fascinated and very curious.  The humor and skits, interviews with rockstars, concert announcements, even the commercials.


He didn't know then, what was to come his way Fast forward to age 12-17 attending  many concerts it was like school to him. He still didn't play in a band, but badly wanted to, he found himself enrolling into broadcasting school right after high school.   The year was 1988, his first week of school was amazing, but the second week was unbelievable. Renna was on the air hosting and programming a weekly radio show. 


...To be continued!